Palandöken Ski Resort

Palandöken Ski Resort

Eastern Anatolia is the ideal region for ski tourism in Turkey. Our company organises ski tours in the mountains of Eastern Anatolia and also arranges tours to the ski resorts in the region. We provide uninterrupted services to ensure that you can enjoy your winter holiday both by skiing and being in touch with nature.

By utilising the two major ski resorts in our service area “Palandöken and Sarıkamış” you can benefit from comfortable accommodation options, ski on professional slopes, and explore the historical beauties of the region for an exceptional winter holiday. Additionally, you can ski at the resorts and then participate in climbing and skiing tours on Mount Ararat.

Our tours are designed to ensure that our customers can enjoy their holidays in the most economical way possible. Below, you can review the tours we organise to the ski resorts in our region. For group participation, please contact us before making a reservation by specifying the number of participants so you can take advantage of our group discounts.

Contact us for ski tour in Eastern Anatolia, Mount Ararat ski climbs, winter holiday plans, and economical ski tours!