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Summit of Mount Ararat

Summit of Mount Ararat

Mount Ararat Ski Tour 6 Days Climbing Program is a safe program containing an exercise day for acclimatization. You’ll be able to discover and experience the snow-covered nature of Turkey while skiing on the legendary Mount Ararat. With this program; from village life to historical and natural beauties, you’ll take a trip that is interesting as well as it’s fun. With the help of this program, we aim to get your body accustomed to the altitude of the mountain, have knowledge of the area on the border of Iran and get to know, and understand the region in general.

  • Mount Ararat Ski and Clim Tour Organization 6 Days Program:

    1st Day: Program will start in Doğubeyazıt. We’ll welcome you at the airport and transfer you to Doğubeyazıt.

    2nd Day: We’ll reach to Village at 1,900 meters with our vehicles. At this point, our carriers will handle our equipment to transfer them to the camp area using mules. This is also where our hike will begin. After a comfortable hike of about 6 hours, we’ll arrive at the Base Camp area at 3,500m.

    3rd Day: Today we’ll hike to 4,000m for acclimatization. Despite being harder than the previous day, we’ll reach the area in about 5 hours. We’ll rest for an hour and take short walks. Then we’ll ski back to the camp at 3,500m.

    4th Day: We will spend today resting at the base camp. After dinner, you can go on free walks to higher points in the surrounding area.

    5th Day: After a night of rest, our summit climb will start with waking up at the time our guide has determined in the morning. We will reach the summit in about 7 hours later. After resting half an hour at the summit, we’ll start our descent with skiing back to the camp area at 3,500 meters. After resting half an hour camp area we’ll start our descent to the 1,900 meters where the vehicle transfer point is. We’ll arrive at this point 5 hours later and then get transferred to our hotel We will leave the equipment at the hotel and go to the Turkish bath. After relaxing in the Turkish bath, we will return to our hotel and attend the celebration dinner in the evening.

    6th Day: Today you’ll be transferred to the airport with our vehicles. There’s an extra day in the program to use in case of bad weather conditions.

    Click here to read all the details of the program.

  • Mount Ararat Skiing and Climbing Organization Info:

We are serving at a special camp area on the south route of Mt. Ararat during winters. In this camp area, we have our camping tents and kitchen. During the climb, our firm will keep a cook at the mountain ready, responsible for preparing your hot food and drinks. On climb days, our cook will provide your rations every morning for your consumption during hikes. Since camp area will be a private area, there’ll be guards securing the camp. This way the equipment you left behind will be safe and the tents will be under surveillance in the case of bad weather conditions. The equipment you won’t need during the climb will be kept by our contracted hotel to be handed back to you after your return. Equipment you’ll be bringing to the mountain will be transferred between the camps by carrier mules and you won’t be charged any extra fee for all these services.
We request our vegetarian and vegan visitors to inform us in advance about their choices.

  • Attention: Mount Ararat has areas prone to avalanches. That’s why it’s important to avoid any mistakes that may cause an avalanche and maintain constant communication with your guide. You should especially have a good choice of gloves and boots. Remember, Mount Ararat is a mountain that has a large ice mass that doesn’t melt throughout the year and affected by cold because of its equatorial position.
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  • Duration: 6 Days
  • Group Size: The number you specify
  • Category: Mount Ararat Skiing Climbing Tour
  • Route to be Used: Mount Ararat South Route
  • Tour Type: Private Ski Mountaineering Tour
  • Mountain accommodation: 3 Nights
  • Hotel accommodation: 2 Nights
  • Tour Starting Location: Your Chosen Airport
  • Tour Ending Location: Your Chosen Airport
  • Climbing Altitude: 5,137 m

Mount Ararat Ski Climb Tour Program includes:

Services Included in the Price

2 Nights Hotel Stay – “Accommodation Hotel in Doğubayazıt, including room and breakfast”

3 Night Mountain Stay – “Accommodation in tents with all foods included”

We will pick you up from Your Chosen Airport and transfer you to your hotel in the city centre of Doğubayazıt, which is the starting point of your Mount Ararat tour. At the end of your tour, we will provide a return transfer from the hotel to the airport. Your tour will commence with our service picking you up from your hotel, and after the mountain tour, you will be returned to your hotel in Doğubayazıt using our service. If your climbing trip includes a cultural tour, transfers to cultural sites will also be conducted by our service.

For our tours, it is legally required for our company to obtain insurance. As a fully licensed travel agency, we ensure that all our customers participating in our tours are covered by insurance. This comprehensive coverage includes lost baggage, in-city accidents during the tour, and cancellations. However, please remember that extreme sports and nature activities currently do not fall under this insurance coverage in Turkey – “The insurance only covers the city phase of the tour“. If you need insurance for these activities, we suggest you purchase climbing insurance from your own insurance company. You can also request a copy of the insurance policy to verify the coverage provided by companies that offer climbing and high-altitude insurance. Through our partner Global Rescue, you can also purchase online high-altitude insurance. For more detailed information about the insurance options we offer, please visit our insurance page here.

The climbing permit fee for Mount Ararat is included in the tour price. The permit fee for both local and foreign nationals must be paid into the T.C. Doğubayazıt District Governorship Village Services “T.C. Doğubayazıt Kaymakamlığı Köy Hizmetleri” account. If the permit fee is not paid, permits will be considered invalid and legal action will be initiated against those who enter the National Park without permission. It is crucial that permits are arranged in accordance with the law and payment is made after approval is received. Many companies do not pay the permit fee to the institutions and do not send you the payment receipt. In contrast, we carefully provide you with all the transaction documents, including the original bank receipt, as proof of payment.

For every 10 people, we provide a local mountain guide. To offer a personalised experience, we limit our groups to a maximum of 15 climbers. When there are more than 15 participants, we start preparations for a second tour with different team members on the same dates.

In the city:

A Turkish breakfast is served every morning at your hotel.

In the mountains:

Throughout your journey, chefs will prepare delicious meals and provide the necessary nutrients for your climb. Separate menus are prepared to ensure the satisfaction of vegetarian clients. Lunch packs that can be carried all day are provided for midday treks. Evening meals are prepared by the chef and served in our dining tent.

Breakfast: Every morning, the chef prepares a Turkish breakfast. This breakfast, including seasonal salad, jam, hazelnut spread, black olives, halva, eggs, and cheese, is served with coffee and tea.

Lunch: Once you’ve reached the mountain by vehicle, our chef will welcome you and offer lunch packs to refresh your energy. These packs include fruit juice, a wafer or chocolate, water, a sandwich, and fruit. These snack packs are provided for your daily climbs, as you will be hiking around lunchtime each day.

Snacks: Upon arriving at the campsite, our comfortable dining tent will be waiting for you with hot drinks, snacks, and treats. On summit night, after a energising and tasty breakfast, we’ll start the climb. To keep you warm and energised, a comforting hot soup will be served. For lunch, our chef will provide you with packs of sandwiches, fruits, and chocolates to take with you.

Dinner: For dinner, we will prepare delicious hot meals for you. Each meal includes a main dish made with meat or chicken, accompanied by soup, rice, bulgur wheat, or pasta, and a seasonal salad.

Tent: Our winter and ski mountaineering camps are prepared at suitable altitudes depending on the weather and snowfall, using Dome tents for accommodation and kitchen and dining tents.

Mat: Mats are provided in our tents for your comfortable sleep.

Crampon: Considering that every participant of the Mount Ararat Climbing Tour will have different boots, we use the Strapped C1 and Crab Crampon models for crampons. This way, our crampons can be attached to all types of boots.

For more information about our services, you can visit this link.

Our Carrier Mule teams, who will carry climbers’ equipment and bags throughout the climbing tour, will transport your gear between camp sites. Upon reaching the mountain, your equipment will be carried to the main camp at 3,200 metres by horses. Before summiting, your gear will be transported to the camp site at 4,200 metres, and this process will be repeated on your descent from the mountain to the city. You will complete your tour with just a small backpack. Additionally, you can leave your extra luggage and equipment at our Hotel free of charge and retrieve it upon your return.

On the day we descend from Mount Ararat, we will visit the Turkish bath to alleviate all our fatigue with a relaxing massage.

We believe that a nature hike is not a competition and therefore do not offer climbing certificates solely to those who reach the summit as proof of their achievement. Our company will provide a certificate to all participants of the Mount Ararat Climbing Tour simply for reaching the campsite. These certificates, which will include the tour date and the names of the participants, will be presented to them during the celebration dinner organised by our company.

As part of our tour, our company organises a celebratory meal following the climb. This special gathering takes place at a location selected by our team; this can either be our main campsite before returning to the city or a restaurant in the city. Guests can savour the tastes of traditional Turkish cuisine from a menu prepared to suit everyone’s preferences or enjoy a delightful barbecue party. On this occasion, all participants of the Mount Ararat Climbing Tour will be presented with climbing certificates.

In our camp sites, we offer hot water and hot drinks along with boxed fruit juices for our customers to enjoy after their walks. You can also bring your favourite herbal tea with you.

Water sources on Mount Ararat are limited, with the only natural water being obtained from glaciers. However, these glacial waters are not preferred as drinking water due to their superficial nature and lack of essential minerals. To ensure the well-being of our customers, we offer free bottled drinking water transported from the city by Mules at our camp sites.

In our camping areas, toilet paper and liquid soap are available free of charge for our customers. It is also possible for you to bring your own personal hygiene products.

Services Not Included in the Price

National and international flight tickets are not included in your package and therefore all costs associated with these tickets must be covered by the participant themselves. For more information on getting to the area, you can go to this link.

Tips are not obligatory on our Mount Ararat Climbing Tours. However, if you wish to show appreciation for the staff’s efforts, you are welcome to give a Tip of at least 5% of the tour cost to our staff in charge. For more information about Tipping and the team working on your tour, please visit our Mount Ararat Tour Tipping page.

Personal equipment is not included in the tour price. However, we understand that some equipment might create extra baggage and cost for our guests and sometimes you may only want to use the equipment once. Therefore, you can rent equipment such as sleeping bags, boots, and walking sticks from our company. For this, you can visit our rental page. As our rental equipment stock is limited, don’t forget to reserve any equipment you need while making your tour booking. To review the equipment you can rent and the prices, visit our Mount Ararat Rental Gear page..

Alcoholic drinks are not included in the tour price, but you are welcome to bring your own alcohol. The local people working at the Mount Ararat campsite sell some drinks like beer on site, but remember that prices are higher on the mountain compared to the city.

Food in the city is not included in the tour price. However, breakfast will be provided at your hotel during your stay in the city. Additionally, we would like to mention that the quality of the local food options available in Doğubayazıt is high and the prices are at reasonable levels.

Our pre-planned Mount Ararat Climbing Tours do not include cultural tours. While our company organises hiking, climbing, and cultural tours in the region, we also arrange cultural tours and climbing expeditions in neighbouring countries. You can diversify your climb with cultural tours and different mountains by selecting a special tour, or after your climb, you can choose to buy extra days to explore the area. If you would like more information about the tours we offer, you can check out our Climbs or Cultural Tours page, or use our site’s search engine.

Your personal expenses are not included in the tour price.

Climbs to Mount Ararat do not require mandatory insurance. Our company meticulously fulfils its legal obligations. In this context, we include tour cancellation and health insurance in the tours we offer. The type of insurance that many companies in the market leave ambiguous with the phrase “insurance included” is precisely this insurance. However, it should be noted that this insurance is not a climbing insurance. Beyond the health and tour cancellation insurance included in our tours, obtaining a climbing insurance is the responsibility of our customers. You can obtain high altitude climbing insurance, also known as extreme sports insurance, by contacting local insurance agents. Our company is in partnership with Global Rescue, a rescue and insurance services company. If you wish to purchase insurance online through Global Rescue, you can use this link. Please visit our insurance information page for more detailed information about the insurance.

Mount Ararat Ski Tours Price

You can customize the Mount Ararat Ski Tours price by modifying the included services. As the group size increases, the cost per participant decreases. Travel agencies, mountaineering clubs, and tour guides can join our Two Ararat Partner Program to enjoy exclusive benefits and discounts. For a price quote, please message us via our reservation page with the number of participants.

Important notice:


Mount Ararat Climb Dates & Prices

Mount Ararat Ski and Climb Tour  6-Days:

1st Day: ” Welcoming Day “

Today, we’ll welcome you at the airport and transfer you to the Doğubeyazıt Hotel with our vehicles. After settling into our hotel, we’ll take short tour in the city center and spend the night in our hotel resting.

Accommodation: Doğubeyazıt Hotel

2nd Day: 3,500m “Mount Ararat Winter Base Camp”

Today will be the first day of our expedition to the glorious Mount Ararat. We’ll head on Mt. Ararat with our vehicles after a breakfast in our hotel. About an hour later, we’ll arrive in Village with an altitude of 1,900 meters. Here, our cook will provide the rations we’ll use during the hike. We’ll be handing over all of our equipment (about 20 kg) to the carriers. We’ll take the equipment we’ll use during the trek to our 30-liters backpacks. Our trek will continue with little photo breaks en route until we reach the Base camp area in 3,500 meters. When we arrive at the camp area, our cook will greet us with warm food and drinks. After resting here, we’ll start to settle into our camp. You can spend your free time with little exploration hikes.

Accommodation: 3,500m Mount Ararat Winter Base Camp

3rd Day: 3,500m “The Acclimatization Day”

Today, we’ll climb 500 meters and return back to our camp to adjust our body to the altitude of the mountain and to make a safe and comfortable climb possible. This way, our body will be adapted to the altitude, and it will reduce any possibility of complications. After the breakfast, we’ll start our hike with our guide and occasional breaks along the way at 4,000 meters. We’ll rest for an hour when we reach the area at 4,000 meters. And then we’ll start our descent to 3,500 meters with skiing and we’ll arrive to the camp. We’ll rest in the meal time with the food our cook will serve.

Accommodation: 3,500m Mount Ararat Winter Base Camp

Climb from 3,500 meters to 4,000 meters
Average Hiking TimeAverage Hiking DistanceAverage AscensionAverage Inclination
5 Hours1.2km500m15° – 20°

4th Day: 3,500m “Extra Rest day”

Today is dedicated to rest and recuperation at the base camp. This break will give everyone a chance to recharge and prepare for the upcoming trek. After dinner, feel free to explore the nearby terrain at your own pace, taking short walks to higher points in the surrounding area to enjoy the stunning views and fresh mountain air. Use this time to relax, stretch, and soak in the beauty of our surroundings.

Accommodation: 3,500m Mount Ararat Winter Base Camp

5th Day: “Mount Ararat “Summit Day 5,137m”

Today, we’ll try to reach the summit from the camp area at 3,500 meters while occasionally crossing areas with the inclination of 25-30 degrees. We’ll wake up at 3,500 meters in the second camp area to climb the summit. We’ll eat the meal and take the rations provided by our cook. We’ll start our hike with the help of our headlights. We’ll reach the summit after 7 hours we left the camp. The first stage of the hike may not cause any trouble but as we ascend, the effects of the cold weather may be particularly hard. We’ll start our glacier walk when we reach 4,700 meters where Mt. Ararat glacier line begins. “The area where we’ll fit our crampons may change depending on the amount of snow.” Now we’re really close to the summit. We’ll start climbing with 30 degrees inclination and will reach the summit of Mt. Ararat after passing this 100 meters long area. It’s possible to see the five countries around from the viewpoint of the mountain. “Turkey, Iran, Georgia, Armenia and Nakhchivan. After resting half an hour at the summit, we’ll start our descent skiing back to the second camp area at 3,500 meters. After resting half an hour camp area we’ll start our descent to the 1,900 meters where the vehicle transfer point is. We’ll arrive at this point 7 hours later and then get transferred to our hotel We will leave the equipment at the hotel and go to the Turkish bath. After relaxing in the Turkish bath, we will return to our hotel and attend the celebration dinner in the evening.

Accommodation: 3,500m Mount Ararat Winter Base Camp

Climb from 3,500 meters to 5,137 meters
Average Hiking TimeAverage Hiking DistanceAverage AscensionAverage Inclination
7 Hours4km1,637m20° – 30°
Skiing from 5,137 meters to 3,500 meters
Average Skiing TimeAverage Skiing DistanceAverage AscensionAverage Inclination
— Hours4km1,637m20° – 30°

6th Day: “Farewell Day”

After a nice breakfast in Doğubeyazıt, we’ll get you to the airport with our vehicles and this special mountain skiing program will be complete at the airport with great memories.


By clicking on this image, you can go to the website of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies

By clicking on this image, you can go to the website of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies “TURSAB” verify that our company and website are legal.

During the tour, to avoid any issues and ensure your safety, it’s necessary for us to conduct your tour in compliance with legal procedures. Mount Ararat can be climbed with permission from the local authority “Doğubayazıt District Governorship” and is also designated as Mount Ararat National Park. We need to submit an application for permission before your climb, with petitions prepared including your identification details and climbing dates. This way, we won’t have any issues with local government and the gendarmerie. Furthermore, all travel agencies operating in Turkey are obligated to insure their customers. However, this insurance is not climbing insurance. Please review the detailed information on our insurance page. Below, you can find the Reservation process listed in points.

The reservation process includes the following steps:

  1. Select the tour that suits you and send us the necessary information for the reservation.
  2. We will send you a document with your tour details and our account information for you to confirm your reservation.
  3. Provided there are no errors in the information on the document, you will send a prepayment to our account. Once your payment reaches our account, we will send you a “Payment Received” document to confirm your tour.
  4. As your tour date approaches, we will prepare your Travel Insurance and send you the documents.
  5. On a suitable date, we will apply for your climbing permission from the Doğubayazıt District Governorship and later send you the document they provide us.
  6. Before the start of the tour, we will deposit your Climbing Permit Fee into the Doğubayazıt District Governorship Village Services “Doğubayazıt Kaymakamlığı Köy hizmetleri” account and send you the payment receipt.

Cancellation and Refund

For our tours, a modest prepayment is required to secure climbing permits and initiate insurance processes. Please note that this fee is non-refundable in the event of tour cancellation. Full tour payment will be made in cash to our team on the day the tour starts, guaranteeing an experience. This allows you to make tour cancellations and changes without taking any risk. For detailed information about the tour cancellation and refund conditions, please click here.

For the Pre Climb & Trip Information

You can access detailed weather reports and forecasts for Mount Ararat here.

We look forward to meeting you! Please do contact us if you have any queries.