Ski Touring - Climbing and skiing on Mount Ararat.

Ski Touring – Mountaineers are climbing to base camp area of Mount Ararat..


Two Ararat continues to serve nature enthusiasts during winter season. With the advantages of being a local tourism agency in Doğubeyazıt, we are organizing skiing tours, climbing programs, treks. With its professional team experienced in ski touring, we have completed many successful winter climbs.

While you can choose to ski on only Single mountain with one tour program, you also have the opportunity to ski on multiple mountains with Multiple Peak Ski Touring. Our programs are divided into two groups as Single Peak Ski Touring and Multiple Peak Ski Touring. These flexible programs are made possible if the alpine clubs and the tourism agencies working with the firm can reach the minimum required participant numbers. All of our organized programs are named after an animal in respect to nature. You can check our Single and Multiple Ski Touring programs here.