Mount Damavand Climbs Iran:

Mount Damavand is located on Elburuz mountain line, and it’s the highest mountain of Middle East and Iran with its altitude of 5.671 meters. It’s a stratovolcanic, active mountain and still releases sulphur gases. Mountain is located in the borders of Amol city in state of Mazderan, to the east of Caspian Sea. But it’s 80 kilometers away from Tehran, the capital city of Iran. Mount Damavand is erupted in the fourth geologic period (Pleistocene), same period as Mount Ararat. The oldest record known about Mount Damavand belongs to Abu Duluf al-Khazraji written in 950. The mountain is also mentioned by Arab geographer Yaqut and Ibn Isfendiyar. The first known climb in modern times is performed by W.T. Thompson in 1837.

Climber on Mount Damavand

Climber on Mount Damavand

Mount Damavand has symbolical and mythical importance for Iran. The ancient heroes who make up a big portion of Iran’s literature and epics have adventures related to this mountain. A prime example of this is the mentions made in Shahnameh written by Ferdowsi, a pinnacle work of the Iran’s national literature. The story of a young Iranian prince Fereydun, being chained by the Evil Emperor Zahhak at Mount Damavand, is the most associated story with the mountain. In fact, it’s almost as if you hear his cries when you are climbing the mountain. A current example to this is the mountain cabin on the north climbing route of the mountain at 4.200 meters is named after Fereydun’s throne. Therefore, Iran has cherished and honored Damavand both culturally and politically because of how much it became synonymous with the country.

For a long time, the mountain was unavailable for climbs because of cultural and religious issues but with modern times, the mountain became an important place visited by both local and foreign mountaineers. The relationship between Iranian mountaineers and the mountain and rocks is worth seeing. The nicest instance of it is the phrase they use, muallimi kevir (rock teacher).

بیاورد ضحاک را چون نَوَند

به کوه دماوند کردش به‌بند

biyāvarad Zahhāk rā čon navand
be kuh-e Damāvand kardaš be-band

He brought Zahhak like a horse to mount Damavand,
And tied him at the peak tight and bound.

ای دیو سپید پای در بند

ای گنبد گیتی، ای دماوند

ey div-e sepid-e pāy dar band,
Ey gonbad-e giti, ey Damāvand

O white giant with feet in chains,
O dome of the world, O Damāvand.

Mount Damavand Climbs South Route Programs:

Climbing Mount Damavand 8 Days "Persian Burj " Program

A Climber summit of Mount Ararat 5137m

A Climber summit of Mount Ararat 5137m.

Mount Damavand Persian Burj Climb Program is a safe program containing an exercise day for acclimatization. This program is an extensive tour program including a climb to Mount Damavand and a trip in Tehran area. With this program; you’ll experience the culture of Iran by living as well as see its local life and have the opportunity of visiting the Iran’s many important region and see their historical and natural beauties…