A Group of Mountaineers at the summit of Mount Kackar

A Group of Mountaineers at the Summit of Mount Kackar


South Route of Kaçkar Mountains is the most preferred route for climbs and hikes. This route is sunnier because of the Kaçkar Mountains paralleling the Black Sea. The main reason for the practicality of this route is the less risky geological formation found on the South Route. Sudden changes seen in other routes like excessive rainfall and fog occurs less in this area. The convenience of camping areas, clean water sources and with its lake en route, South route is also a unique route in terms of visual qualities. This is why most of the mountaineering firms use this route for their summit hikes. It’s relatively easy to reach the summit from this route.  Because all of these reasons and it’s economical advantage, this route is preferable to alternatives. Residents use the convenient nature of the region by ranching.

There is one camping area in the south route of Kaçkar Mountains. Starting from Olgunlar Village, this route has a distance 12 kilometers to the summit. TwoArarat starts this route from the Barhal Village of Artvin. Route reaches to Yaylalar Village at 1,900 meters with a 70 kilometers long stabilized road from the Barhal County. From there, it continues to the Olgunlar Village at 2,100 meters. This distance is an average of 3.5 kilometers. But the rough terrain and the frequent maintenance work of the roads and the type of vehicle used may change the arrival time. With a high clearance vehicle, the distance between Barhal “Altıparmak” and Olgunlar can be traveled in half an hour.

Kackar Mountins South Route Climbing Map:

Olgunlar Village is the last point where the vehicles can travel. Hike for the climb starts in this village, ascending through the valley until reaching the base camp known as Dilberdüzü at 2,850 meters. The distance between Olgunlar and Dilberdüzü camp area is 8 kilometers. This part of the route is especially busy during August and November since these are the easiest months for climbing. There are no water shortage issues on this route. With the help of local guides and cooks, these organizations aim to provide a safe, entertaining and comfortable climb.

While there are no descriptive markers on the South Climbing Route of Kaçkar Mountains, the route is clear enough to resemble a trail until sea lake. But after that point, the route is not distinctive because of the rocky land structure and the signs put by climbers while hiking the trail can get lost under bad weather conditions, hence the need of local guides. The summit is occasionally invisible when bad weather conditions are in effect. This route is really busy and lively compared to other routes. This route is a fun parkour to catch a glimpse and understand the local residents and the geography they are living in.