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Mountaineers climbing Kackar Mountain.

Mountaineers climbing Kackar Mountain.

Kaçkar Mountains Montane Climbing Program is a classic, comfortable and entertaining program for mountaineers who want to reach the summit of Kaçkar Mountains at 3,932 meters. A beautiful after summit hike to Ayder Plateau is also included to Montane program. With this program, we’ll make a unique journey in Black Sea region, feel and live the local culture.

  • Climb to Mount Kackar Organization and 6 Days “Montane” Program & Details:

    1st Day: This program starts at Erzurum and we welcome you in Erzurum in the first day. Then we’ll travel to Yusufeli Barhal Altıparmak Village with our vehicles. Here, we’ll settle in our hotels and make our last preparations for the next day’s summit trip.

    2nd Day: After a night at the hostel, we’ll first reach to Yaylalar Village and then Olgunlar Village at 2,100 meters with our vehicles in the morning. Here, our support crew will handle our equipment to transfer them to camp area using mules. We’ll start our hike to Dilberdüzü camp area at 2,850 meters. We’ll reach to camp area after a 5-hour long hike and settle in.

    3rd Day: After spending the night at the camp, we start our hike to the summit at 3,932 meters, usually between 03:00 and 04:00 in the morning. We’ll reach the summit after about a 6-hour long hike. We’ll rest at the summit for half an hour and start our descent to Dilberdüzü Camp area. After a hike for about 5 hours, we’ll arrive at the camp area. We’ll spend this day by resting in the camp area.

    4th Day: In the morning we’ll start our descent to Olgunlar Village after breakfast. We’ll take a short break at Olgunlar Village, which we’ll reach after a three-hour long hike. And we’ll continue our hike to Döbedüzü camp area. After an easy hike, we’ll reach to Döbedüzü camp area and settle in.

    5th Day: After breakfast, we’ll start our hike to Kavron Plateau in the morning. This hike will be longer compared to the day before. We take a break for food after reaching the Kavron Plateau and head on to our pension at Ayder Plateau with our vehicles.

    6th Day: After the night we’ll be spending at Ayder Plateau, we’ll travel to Rize with our vehicles and our Tour program will end with us arriving at Rize.

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Tour Beginning Location: Erzurum
Tour Ending Location: Rize
Mountain Route Used: Kaçkar Mountains South Route
Hotel accommodation: 2 Nights
Mountain accommodation: 3 Nights

  • Kackar Mountains Climb Organization Info:

We have our camping tents and kitchen in Dilberdüzü camp area at the south route of Mount Kackar. During the climb, our firm will keep a cook on the mountain ready, responsible for preparing your hot food and drinks. On climb days, our cook will provide your rations every morning and the climb nights for your consumption during hikes. There’ll be guards responsible for the camp security. This way the equipment you left behind will be safe and the tents will be under surveillance in the case of bad weather conditions. The equipment you won’t need during the climb will be kept by our contracted pension to be handed back to you after your return. Equipment you’ll be bringing to the mountain will be transferred between the camps by carrier mules and you won’t be charged any extra fee for all these services. We request our vegetarian and vegan visitors to inform us in advance about their choices.

  • Attention: Please do not leave your group during the climb without informing your guide. Staying together with the group will help you to spend less of your energy and protects us from any possible accident that may happen. You should bring your trekking poles with you and use them during the hike. These poles will not only lower the possibility of an accident, but it’ll also help you lighten your weight so you’ll be less tired. Poles that are adjusted to your heart level will also help you to relax your circulation.

Climb to Mount Kackar Expedition “Montane” 6 Days:

1st Day: Welcoming Day

We’ll welcome you in Erzurum and transfer you with our vehicles to Barhal Village after a four-hour trip. You can spend your time making preparations for the tomorrow’s summit climb and resting at the riverside pension.

Accommodation: Pension Barhal “Altıparmak” Village

2nd Day: Kaçkar Mountains 2,850 meters Dilberdüzü Camp

This is the first day of our climb to Mount Kaçkar. After breakfast, we’ll reach to the Olgunlar Village at 2,100 meters where the carrier mules are located after an hour long trip with our vehicles. Here, our cook will provide the rations we’ll use during the trek. We’ll be handing over all of our equipment (about 20 kg) to the carriers. We’ll take the equipment we’ll use during the trek to our 15-liters backpacks. Our trek will continue for about 5 hours with little photo breaks en route until we reach the Dilberdüzü Base Camp area at 2,850 meters and will be finished for today. When we arrive at the camp area, our cook will greet us with warm food and drinks. After resting here, we’ll start to settle into our camp. You can spend your free time with little exploration hikes.

Accommodation: 2,850m Kaçkar Mountains Dilberdüzü Base Camp

3rd Day: Kaçkar Mountains “Summit Day”

Today, we’ll try to reach the summit from the camp area at 2850 meters while occasionally crossing areas with the inclination of 20 degrees. In the morning, we’ll eat the hot meals and take the rations provided by our cook. And then we’ll start our hike with the help of our headlights. Hike usually begins between 03:00 and 04:00. We’ll reach the summit after about 6 hours we left the camp. The part of the hike where we reach the sea lake area will be pretty easy but after leaving sea lake area, a drop off will be waiting for us. After passing this area, the summit of Kaçkar will look much closer. There are no drop-off areas for the rest of the hike. We’ll reach to an area called “terrace” through a narrow trail. This interesting area is almost like it has been left on purpose here so we can see the unique view of Kaçkar Mountains. The hardest part of the climb is this narrow trail used to reach this area. After the break, we will reach the summit in a few hours. There’s a summit register that you can share your feelings with other people. We’ll take a break for half an hour with the amazing view of the summit and eat the foods our cook provided at the beginning of the hike to gain energy, and start our descent to the camp area. Descending on Kaçkar mountains requires care because of the rock structure that’s why our poles carries a great deal of importance. 4 hours of descent ends in the camp area and we spend rest of the day by resting here.

Accommodation: 2,850m Kaçkar Mountains Dilberdüzü Base Camp

Climb from 2,850 meters to 3,932 meters
Average Hiking TimeAverage Hiking DistanceAverage AscensionAverage Inclination
6 Hours5km1082m25° – 30°

4th Day: “Döbedüzü” Camp

After a delicious breakfast in the morning, we start our descent to Olgunlar Village. We’ll take a short break here and continue our walk to Döbedüzü camp area. After reaching the Döbedüzü camp area, we set up our camp and rest by riverside with the company of the beautiful scenery of Kaçkar Mountains.

Accommodation: Döbedüzü Camp

5th Day: Kavron and Ayder Plateaus

After breakfast, we’ll start our hike to Kavron Plateau. This part is one of the most beautiful stages of the hike. Along our route, we’ll witness the lifestyles and daily routines of the local people. With ascents and descents that are always accompanied by the view of Kaçkar Mountains and sudden emerging sights of large and small lakes through fogs, the route will continue as if it’s a garden from paradise. Even though it’s a long hiking distance, the beauty of nature will make it worth the exhaustion. At the end of our hike in Kavron Plateau, we’ll have the delicious local meal “muhlama” indigenous to the region and drink tea. We’ll settle into our pine-scented pension at Ayder Plateau, which we’ll arrive with our vehicles. With its high oxygen levels, Ayder plateau is a sanctuary for people looking for peace and healing. It also has beautiful thermal springs. Your exhaustion will be replaced by pleasure thanks to the resting provided by the swimming pools filled with hot spring waters.

Accommodation: Pension Ayder Plateau

6th Day: “Farewell Day”

After a nice traditional village breakfast, we’ll hit the road with our vehicles to get you to Rize, and we’ll be arriving Rize after three hours. And this special mountain program will end with unforgettable memories in Rize.

Climbing Transportation,
Carrier (mule),
Climbing Permit Fees,
Personal Tent (One tent is for two people),
Professional Mountain Guide,
Cultural Guide,
All the entrance fees for the museum and surrounding areas,
Hot food for the duration of the climb,
Non-alcoholic beverages for the duration of the climb,
2 Nights of Hotel Accommodations including Breakfast,
Summit Certificate,
A Celebration Dinner in the City,