North Face of Mount Ararat Ahora Valley Yenidogan Village

North Face of Mount Ararat. Ahora Valley “Yeni Doğan Village”

MOUNT ARARAT NORTH ROUTE “This Route is Closed for Climbing!”

North Route of Mount Ararat is the least preferred route for climbs and hikes. This route starts at Iğdır Korhan Plateau and continues on a high inclination route. The route has two camp areas. The first camp is at Kumdüzü Plateau at 3400 meters which also has the opportunity of taking hikes to Küp Lake. Küp Lake is one hour of hiking distance from the camp area. North Route doesn’t have any water issues except for the arid periods of the summer. After reaching 3700 meters from the first camp area, the carrier mules have no possibility of movement so after this point, camp equipment and supplies have to be carried to the second camp area at 4250 meters with individual strength.

Mount Ararat North Route Climbing Map:

Also known as glacier point camp, this camp is in a rather cold area. From this point, you can reach the summit after a seven-hour hike passing two glacier ridges. Camp areas may be changed considering the climb performance of the campers. Another reason why this route isn’t preferred is the difficulty of the organization. Considering the south route, use of the mules and transportation is more affordable. Route requires a long glacier walk and ice cracks pose serious life threats. Weather conditions greatly affect the north route and most of the time winds are strong. It’s especially important to pay attention to equipment choices on this route. Ice axes, safety ropes, and crampons should be used to provide protection.