Little Ararat View from Ciftlik Village

Little Ararat View from Ciftlik Village


There are two alternative routes to climb Little Ararat. Dogubayazit route starts from Gungoren village and Igdir route starts from Serdarbulak Plateau. Climbing is similar on both routes, with the exception of reaching the starting point. Two Ararat company will do the climbing from the most suitable route in the current date. The climb is completed in one day. Camping is not mandatory.

Little Mount Ararat Route is the only route to the mountain and it’s highly practical. It starts from Güngören Village at 2000 meters. Our firms set up camps at 2400 meters when a camp is needed for the climbs. The route connects to the summit from the southwest side of the mountain. The initial impression of the mountain when looking from afar shows itself through hiking, even though it’s a practical route, it requires an inclined and difficult climb. The inclination is felt at 3200 meters and continues to the summit. Mountain offers the chance to observe the whole beauty of the eastern front of Mount Ararat because of its position. An important part of the region’s livestock breeding happens on Little Mount Ararat and travelers often come across sheep herds and local tents.

Little Mount Ararat Route Climbing Map:

With its livelier wildlife compared to the other areas of the mountain, southeast route is not an affordable route compared to the south route. This route is rarely used and the local hosts accompany the professional guides during the trip. This route sets itself apart with its unique scenery and natural beauties. Route has inclined rocky composition and for this reason equipment choice is important.