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Join A Ararat Ski Touring Group To Climb Mount Ararat 11 – 17 March 2024 – 7 Days – Price : 795€

Booking code : Ski-1117-0324

General Information

Our program, Join A Ararat Ski touring Group To Climb Mount Ararat 7 Days Open, is a safe program containing an exercise day for acclimatization. You’ll be able to discover and experience the snow-covered nature of Turkey while skiing on the legendary Mount Ararat. With this program; from village life to historical and natural beauties, you’ll take a trip that is interesting as well as it’s fun. With the help of this program, we aim to get your body accustomed to the altitude of the mountain, have knowledge of the area on the border of Iran and get to know, and understand the region in general.

Our groups are limited to 15 climbers.

Join A Ski touring Group

Mount Ararat 5.137m

Mount Ararat

Join ski Group trips are guaranteed to depart, A minimum of 2 participants is required for the tour to start. If our current dates don’t suit your schedule, we will create a new climb, starting on any day – our “private climb” . We have a number teams climbing Ararat throughout the year so we are very flexible and will be able to help you. Every year, we help hundreds of climbers on their way to the top of Mountains. Via this link you can view all our scheduled Ski touring options for climbing Ararat.
We climb Mount Ararat and other mountains seven months of the year and we can schedule a climb for any booking group size.

We offer special discounts for groupsIf you have any questions please contact us

Tour Beginning Location: Igdir or Agri Airport
Tour Ending Location: Igdir or Agri Airport
Mountain Route Used: Mount Ararat South Route
Hotel accommodation: 2 Nights
Mountain accommodation: 4 Nights
Extra Day: 1 “With an extra day, you’ll have a chance to wait in the second camp to wait for the weather conditions to improve and then try again the next day when the weather gets better”
Mt. Ararat Climbing difficulty: Basic ” Special Skills are not Required” “Summit nights are more difficult.”
Group Capacity: Minimum 2 and maximum 15 people.
Mount Ararat Climbing Gear List: Click here

Important notice: Program could be changed due to weather conditions!

Important Warnings!

Mount Ararat has areas prone to avalanches. That’s why it’s important to avoid any mistakes that may cause an avalanche and maintain constant communication with your guide. You should especially have a good choice of gloves and boots. Remember, Mount Ararat is a mountain that has a large ice mass that doesn’t melt throughout the year and affected by cold because of its equatorial position.
Only the guide decides on the changes to be made on the tour and this cannot be discussed. During the mountain tour, you cannot leave the group and go off on your own, as this is very risky and we do not accept responsibility for you if you do this. If you leave the Group for any reason after the tour has started, you are not entitled to a refund. Please note that if you need to descend from the mountain to the city for any reason other than health problems, a carrier horse, a guide and a vehicle will be sent to the mountain just for you, and you will have to pay extra for these.

Cancellation and Refund

Cancellations made at least 30 days before the start of the tour will grant you a 80% refund. No refund will be made for cancellations made less than 30 days before the tour starts. However, you can change the canceled Tour to another date within the climbing season.


Pick up you at Igdir (IGD) or Agri (AJI) airport to Dogubayazit,
Professional Mountain Guide “One guide for each 10 person group. Our groups are limited to 15 climbers”,
Personal Tent (One tent is for two people), Single tent supplement for the tour is EUR 50,
2 Nights in the Hotel “Middle class hotel in Dogubayazit based on bed and breakfast”,
Climbing Transportation ‘From Hotel to mountain and from mountain to Hotel”,
Non-alcoholic beverages for the duration of the climb,
Hot food for the duration of the climb,
A Celebration Dinner in the City,
Climbing Permit Fees,
Summit Certificate,
Carrier (mule),

Not Included:

Plane tickets for international and domestic flights,
Personal Climbing Equipment,
Alcoholic beverages,
Food in the city,


Ararat Trekking Skier Mountaineer Resting On Mount Ararat

Skier Trekking. Mountaineer Resting On Mount Ararat

1st Day Marc 11: “Welcoming Day”

On this day, we’ll greet you at the Igdir or Agri Airport and provide transportation to your hotel.

Accommodation: Doğubeyazıt Hotel

2nd Day March 12: 3.500m “Mount Ararat Winter Base Camp”

We’ll reach to Çevirme Village at 1900 meters with our vehicles. At this point, our carriers will handle our equipment to transfer them to the camp area using mules. This is also where our hike will begin. After a comfortable hike of about 6 hours, we’ll arrive at the Base Camp area at 3.500m.

Accommodation: 3.500m Mount Ararat Winter Base Camp

3rd Day March 13: 3.500m  “The Acclimatization Day”

Today we’ll begin our hike to 4.000m to conduct acclimatization exercises. Even though it’s a much harder stage compared to the previous day, we’ll arrive at area in about 5 hours. We’ll rest here for one hour and make little walks around. And then we’ll ski back to the  camp area at 3.500 meters.

Accommodation: 3.500m Mount Ararat Winter Base Camp

4th Day March 14: 3.500m “Extra Rest day”

We will spend today resting at the base camp. After dinner, you can go on free walks to higher points in the surrounding area.

Accommodation: 3.500m Mount Ararat Winter Base Camp

5th Day March 15: Mount Ararat “Summit Day 5.137m”

After a night of rest, our summit climb will start with waking up at the time our guide has determined in the morning. We will reach the summit in about 7 hours later. After resting half an hour at the summit, we’ll start our descent with skiing back to the camp area at 3.500 meters.

Accommodation: 3.500m Mount Ararat Winter Base Camp

6th Day March 16: “Return to Doğubeyazıt”
A Climber at Mount Ararat Second Campsite.

A Climber at Mount Ararat Second Campsite.

We’ll have breakfast. After which we’ll start our descent to the 1.900 meters where the vehicle transfer point is. We’ll arrive at this point 5 hours later and then get transferred to our hotel.

Accommodation: Doğubeyazıt Hotel

7th Day March 17: “Farewell Day

This adventurous, fun and historical tour program will end today with us making sure you get to the airport safely. After this program, we hope we’ll meet with you on more different routes and cities.


Welcome and send off

American mountaineer Erik Weihenmayer, Turkish Slovenian and Iranian Mountaineers at the Ararat Summit. He was the first blind person to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

American mountaineer Erik Weihenmayer, Turkish Slovenian and Iranian Mountaineers at the Ararat Summit. He was the first blind person to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

This tour includes Airport transfer. We provide airport transfers from Igdir (IGD) and Agri (AJI) Airport. At airports other than these airports, you must pay an additional fee for pickup.

Join A Group To Climb Mount Ararat Climbing Services:

Private Camp Area

We are serving at a special camp area on the south route of Mt. Ararat during winters. There will be guards securing the camp. This way the equipment you leave behind will be safe and the tents will be under surveillance in case of bad weather conditions. We are staying at a special camp on the south route of Mount Ararat. In this camp, we have our camping tents and kitchen.

Meal Time on Mount Ararat

Meal Time on Mount Ararat

Cook preparing your hot food and drinks

During the climb, our firm will keep a cook on the mountain ready, responsible for preparing your hot food and drinks. On climbing days, our cook will provide your rations every morning and the climb nights for your consumption during hikes. We request our vegetarian and vegan visitors to inform us in advance about their choices.

Equipment kept

The equipment you won’t need during the climb will be kept by our hotel to be handed back to you after your return. Equipment you’ll be bringing to the mountain will be transferred between the camps by carrier mules and you won’t be charged any extra fees for all these services.

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We look forward to meeting you! Please do contact us if you have any questions.


    Mar 11 - 17 2024




    Open Groups to Climb Ararat


    Çiftepınar Mah , İsa Geçit cad, 04400 Doğubayazıt/Ağrı/Turkey


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