Join Group Scheduled Climb Dates and Prices 2021 – 2022

On this page you can check and see availability for Dates and Prices to climb 2021 – 2022.

Two Ararat Climbing dates start in the first week of May and ends in the last week of October.
Our Ski Climbing is only every Monday in the mountain of Ararat in April.

Joining one of our open groups

Join Group trips are guaranteed to depart, regardless of the number of climbers. Also, you will not be asked to pay more even if on the specific date of starting the trek you will be only person on that date. If our current dates don’t suit your scheduled we’ll build a new climb starting on any day you want we have a number teams climbing Ararat throughout the year so are very flexible and will be able to help you.

We climb Mount Ararat and other mountains seven months of the year and we can schedule a climb for any booking group size.

If you have any questions please contact us

Dates and Prices to climb Mount Ararat

  • Welcome and send off

Our climbing programs start with reaching to the mountain from the hotel by vehicles and end in the same way with returning back from the mountain to the hotel. There are no welcome and send off days in our programs because of the transportation differences of our guests.
We can welcome and send you off in the same way at the airport at your request as well as set up days for the welcome and send off days in our program schedule.

2021 Full Moon Dates
28 January24 July
27 February22 August
28 March21 September
27 April20 October
26 May19 November
24 June19 December
2022 Full Moon Dates
18 January13 July
16 February12 August
18 March10 September
16 April9 October
16 May8 November
14 June8 December

May 2021