Mount Ararat Climbing Certification Celebration

Mt.Ararat Climbing Certification Celebration

At Two Ararat, we maintain a policy of not cancelling our tour organisations except in cases of necessity such as security reasons, natural disasters, and extreme weather conditions. We provide our customers with a firm assurance in this area. Details of our cancellation and refund policy:

Two Ararat Cancellation and Refund Policy

    1. By confirming your reservation and depositing the reservation fee into our company’s account, you accept our cancellation and refund conditions.
      1. You do not pay the full tour fee, only a small reservation fee. This way, you don’t have to worry about cancelling your tour and getting your payment back when you make your reservation.
      2. Tour participation fees vary depending on the content of the tour you purchase.
      3. A lack of participants does not necessitate the cancellation or postponement of the tour. This rule also applies to tours where the minimum number of participants is only one person.
    2. If you cancel the tour for personal reasons, the reservation fee is non-refundable.
      1. Cancellation or amendment requests must be made in writing.
      2. However, you can choose another tour within the year and utilise your payment in this manner.
      3. Cancellation and amendment requests must be made at least 15 days in advance.
      4. Refunds are not provided for additional services purchased.
      5. If our tour is forced to be cancelled for any reason such as a natural disaster or adverse regional conditions, we commit to offering you alternative tour options.
      6. If you do not accept any of the alternative tour options, 50% of your reservation fee will be refunded.
      7. In case of cancellation, your refund will be processed within a maximum of 15 business days from the cancellation date. “Refunds for payments made outside Turkey may take some time to reach your account after the payment process.”
    3. In our tour programme, especially for nature tours, it is not possible to predict changes that may occur due to weather conditions after the tour has started, so we cannot guarantee whether such changes will occur.
      1. On the starting day of the tour, no changes will be made unless there is a compulsory reason. In case of any situation, you will be informed within 24 hours.
      2. Special arrangements can be made in case of health problems or emergencies during the tour.
      3. Participants are expected to have the physical form and skills required for the trip.
      4. Participants who do not adhere to rules and safety regulations can be removed from the tour.
      5. The guide is considered the decision-maker throughout the tour.
      6. All group members must comply with emergency decisions made by the guide and the majority of group participants.
      7. The security of your personal belongings is your responsibility during the tour.
      8. Protecting the environment is of great importance during our tours. In addition, we expect your contribution in solving the waste problem on Mount Ararat.
      9. It is mandatory for participants to follow the guides’ instructions throughout the tour.
    4. Changes in weather conditions can lead to adjustments in the tour plan; this may necessitate an early summit attempt or an additional night’s wait.
      1. Depending on weather conditions, the altitudes of camp sites and walking times may be adjusted; for example, in cases of heavy snowfall, storm, strong winds, or heavy rain.
      2. Our company does not accept responsibility for the cancellation or alteration of the tour due to decisions made by local administration and security units.
    5. Our main campsite and comfortable bedded tents are open only during the summer season. If bedded tents are not sufficient for the group, standard “dome tent” type camping tents will be utilised.
      1. If you purchase a private and closed participation tour, meal and guiding services are provided exclusively for you, and no one else can be added to your group without your permission. Our climbing groups and guides usually operate independently; however, they can unite and reach the summit together on the day of summit attempt.

For detailed information or support, you can get in touch with us.