Frequently Asked Questions – Climbing Mount Ararat

Many fake individuals or companies claiming to have obtained permission for Mount Ararat have official-looking websites but do not process permission payments. However, they will request a fee, such as $50, assuring you that they will secure permission for you. To identify such companies, you should request the original bank receipt for payments made to the Turkish government. Additionally, it is essential to deposit the advance payment for the tour into a bank account belonging to the company specified on their websites. Furthermore, all tours with accommodation organized in Turkey must be insured, and these fraudulent individuals will not cover this insurance.

The authority to organize tours is granted only to tourism agencies that are members of the “TURSAB” Turkey Travel Agencies Association. Two Ararat is registered with the association under the name “Walk And Climb Travel”. You can verify this information by clicking on this link: []. In the opened link, enter our license number, which is 16404, into the section labeled “Belge No” and press the “Ara” Search button.

Climbers need to obtain a permit from the Turkish government to climb Mount Ararat. This can typically be arranged through a tour operator, and it’s essential to secure all necessary permits well in advance.

Our 5-day tours are priced at 299 Euros, and our 7-day tours are priced at 495 Euros. Additionally, in the first week of October, we have a special 8-day culture and climbing tour available for 595 Euros.

Understanding the weather conditions on Mount Ararat is crucial for making the right equipment choices. We recommend you explore our Mount Ararat weather conditions page where we provide detailed information on this important subject.
Predicting the weather conditions of Mount Ararat is quite challenging. The information about Mount Ararat’s weather has been prepared by calculating the averages of weather forecasts made throughout the year.

No We organize hiking-based climbs in Ararat Mountain that all amateur mountaineers can climb. The height of the mountain and the walking times may force you. If you don’t want to climb, you can rest at the campsite until the team returns.

The optimal climbing season is from June to September when the weather is relatively stable, and the snow and ice conditions are more manageable.

The dates from March 15 to April 15 are the best dates for Mt.Ararat ski climbing.

Yes, you can climb Mount Ararat on any date you want. Please contact us so that we can assist you.

Limited to 15 participants.

On a special date and any number of people can climb the mountain, we need to plan for you, please contact us for information.

You can climb in 4 days. please check our Excursion 4 Days Program. This program does not include transfers. If you want to transfer, the program will be extended by 2 days.

There are 2 closest airports, these are “Agri” and “Igdir” airports. Van airport is not preferred if there is no Van tour. Check out this Altitude Climb Program for Van tour and Ararat climbing.