Essential Gear list for climbing Mt. Ararat

Climbing Mount Ararat, a 16,854-foot (5,137-meter) dormant volcano located in Turkey, requires proper planning and the right equipment. The mountain is known for its challenging conditions, including unpredictable weather, steep terrain, and altitude. Here is a list of essential equipment needed for climbing Mount Ararat:

Attention, your clothes should be fast-drying products that are produced for sports purposes and do not contain cotton.

This list is general and can change depending on the climbing route and weather.

  1. Hiking boots or mountaineering boots with good ankle support
  2. Warm clothing and layers, including a waterproof and windproof jacket
  3. Trekking polesIf you don’t have Poles, you can rent it from us.
  4. Climbing helmetNot required for climbs from the South Route.
  5. CramponsThis is a piece of equipment that we will give you.
  6. Climbing harness and carabiners ” Not required for climbs from the South Route.
  7. Headlamp and extra batteries
  8. First aid kit A First Aid kit for minor injuries is available at the campsite.Bring your personal medicines.
  9. Sleeping bagYou must bring personal equipment and your own overalls, if any. If you don’t have a sleeping bag, you can rent it from us.
  10. Tent ” This is a piece of equipment that we will give you.  2 people share a tent. You have to make an extra payment to stay Single.
  11. Large backpack to carry all equipment on your journey.
  12. Small 35-liter backpack for use between camps and on the day of climbing.
  13. Thermos bottle 750 ml or 1 liter capacity.We send clean drinking water from the city. There is no natural water on the South route. You need to have your own Thermos, it will give you hot drink and your water will not freeze when you climb to the top.
  14. High-energy snacks and foodWe prepare and serve hot meals during your mountain climbing. Except for the main meals, our cook prepares snacks for you every day for your walks between the camps. If you want, you can bring your small energy snacks.
  15. Sunscreen and sunglassesThese two equipments are very important and you must have them.
  16. For hot summer days, you can use ankle support walking shoes. Bring a pair of t-shirts and shorts. You can bring a pair of light sandals to use in your tent.
  17. Polyester underwear enough to last through your trip.
  18. Personal hygiene and toiletries We send soap and toilet paper to the mountains, you do not need to bring or pay. Bring your other hygiene package.
  19. Emergency communication device (Mobile phone)You can communicate by mobile phone in most areas of the Ararat mountain.