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Choose Your Journey & Join a Mount Ararat Climbing Group!

You can explore the tours below and choose a date that fits your schedule. Special discounts are available for groups, and you can inquire about group discounts before making a reservation. If you cannot find a suitable tour date, feel free to contact us. In case of demand for the same dates, we can arrange a new climbing tour open for participation on different dates.

How does the legal reservation process for Mount Ararat work?

After passing through the local administration, police, and gendarmerie controls, the permits for Mount Ararat are signed and approved by the district governor. The process begins when we submit your documents to the local administration. We will prepare your travel insurance while you await the permit application results. We recommend making advance reservations for the chosen tour. This way, you have the flexibility to cancel your tour at a convenient time. The fee for the deposit you will be paying is a nominal sum. Pre-payments are used for the official procedures you will see below and are non-refundable. If you decide to change the date of your tour after the official procedures, please note that new dates will require the reprocessing of climbing permits and insurance. You will need to make a second payment for these revised arrangements.
Click here to read the details of tour cancellation and refund.

  • Create your reservation

    Select your Mount Ararat Climbing Tour and submit your reservation to us.

  • We will provide the contract and payment details.

    We will send you the reservation contract and pre-payment document.

  • Make the pre-payment to our company’s account.

    Make the pre-payment to our company’s bank account.

  • We will send you the Payment Received document.

    Upon receiving your pre-payment, we confirm the tour by sending you a Payment Received document.

  • We will prepare your travel insurance and send it to you.

    We apply for your climbing tour and incoming travel insurance, sending you the necessary documents. “We cannot purchase Climbing and Extreme Sports Insurance for foreigners in Turkey. The insurances we provide secure your tour and also arrange your incoming travel health insurance. Since both insurances are included in the tour price, there is no need for any additional payment. You can purchase additional insurance for climbing in your own country.” Once you receive the insurance documents and read the details, you can decide whether or not to purchase additional insurance. If you wish to purchase more comprehensive insurance and rescue services, you can explore the website of our partnered expert firm, Global Rescue, and buy your insurance online.

  • We will apply for the permit and send you the result document.

    We initiate the application process for your Mount Ararat climbing permit, and upon approval, we send you the confirmation document.

  • We will send you the bank receipt for your climbing permit payment.

    As your climbing tour approaches, for the Mount Ararat climbing permit fee, we make the payment to the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism, sending you the original bank receipt as proof of payment.

  • You are ready to climb Mount Ararat.

    At this point, all your legal documents are complete. You can comfortably come to Turkey and climb Mount Ararat.

  • Services Included in Pre-Planned Mount Ararat Climbing Expeditions

    We aim to ensure that our customers who will climb Mount Ararat have an enjoyable and successful climbing experience. In our pre-planned Ararat Mountain Climbing tours, we have included various camping equipment and services to provide the best service to both beginners and professional clients. This way, you won’t have the obligation to carry extra equipment, making your flights more economical and your journey more enjoyable.

  • When is the Best Time to Climb Mount Ararat?

    The best climbing season months for Mount Ararat are generally from June to September. During these months, we provide services at the established base camps at 3,200 and 4,200 meters. Winter camps are set up temporarily and their altitudes vary. For more information about the camping areas and to view visuals, click on this link.

    You can find detailed information about the weather, temperature, and seasons in Mount Ararat on our Mount Ararat Weather Report page. Click here to take a look at our page.

  • What Gear Do I Need to Climb Mount Ararat?

    The correct selection of equipment plays a crucial role in reaching the summit of Mount Ararat. For your ascent to Ararat, we have included some essential equipment in our tour packages, camp equipment, such as a tent, crampons, and a mat. Additionally, there is an opportunity to rent certain equipment from us, including a sleeping bag.

    You can review the list of included gear and important items you need to bring to Ararat by clicking on this link.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or specific requirements. We are here to assist you and provide the support you need.

  • Which routes can I use for climbing Mount Ararat?

    There are several routes available for climbing Mount Ararat, but we only arrange climbs for the Southern route as climbing permits are granted exclusively for this route. The south route of Mount Ararat is a popular choice for those seeking to climb the mountain. This route generally offers milder weather conditions and provides a physically challenging yet technically less demanding experience.

    For more detailed information about the South Route, please click here.

  • What is the condition of the camping areas on Mount Ararat, and what services are available for visitors?

    We set up two camp areas on Mount Ararat until the end of June and the end of September. Our main campsite is located at 3,200 meters, and the second campsite, used before reaching the summit, is set up at 4,200 meters. In our main camp, there are over ten tents measuring 4×3 meters with a roof height of 2.50 cm. Inside these tents, three elevated sponge beds are provided. Our restaurant tent is 24 m2 in size, equipped with wooden tables, capable of serving meals for up to 30 people. This tent is illuminated with solar energy panels and has a solar generator to provide energy for phones and cameras. Additionally, for our winter camps and customers who prefer to sleep alone, we have small polar-type and specially designed tents that have been used on Mount Ararat for extended periods.

    In our main camp, we have a large kitchen tent used by our chef to cook meals and store food supplies. There are four shared Ala Turka-style toilets in the main camp area and two in the second camp area, equipped with a water system. Furthermore, our main campsite features a solar-heated, private shower cabin. At the second camp area, we have a fixed 24 m2-wide dining tent used for meals and occasional accommodation.

    For more information about our services and offerings, please click on this link.

Videos Captured During Our Mount Ararat Climbs

By watching these genuine videos taken by our customers, you can get preliminary information about our Mount Ararat camp areas, equipment, the natural beauty you will encounter on the mountain, and the services we offer on Mount Ararat.

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